Why do fasting and hiking?


The purpose of fasting is for physical cleansing, regeneration and self-discovery.


The liquid only diet will stimulate your body’s self-healing forces and has nothing to do with starving. Nevertheless as a side effect it is very likely that you will lose a few pounds during the week so it is important to get clarity on how to establish a healthy diet once at home. The extensive exercise program during our retreats contributes to the release of tension and will improve your quality of sleep.


Research has been conducted over the years to assess the benefits of fasting. Please click on the link to find a list of suggested readings that may be of interest - Literature on fasting

The combination of fasting and hiking, introduced by Christoph Michel, is extremely popular in many countries, and there are clubs and clinics that people use for their fasting experience under supervision.


It is always possible to try fasting by yourself at home, however, experience shows that especially for the first time it is beneficial to fast in a group with professional guidance. Being away from home and your usual eating routines also has a positive impact.


If you suffer from food allergies, intolerances or skin problems fasting can actually help address such issues, allowing your body to relax and heal. Please talk to a doctor if you are concerned and let us know. 

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