What is fasting?

Fasting is the voluntary and conscious abstinence of solid food for a limited period of time and is part and parcel of many religions and cultures. There are many different ways of fasting. The fasting experience we offer is based upon Dr. Otto Buchinger. According to him fasting is no starvation diet, but a low-calorie liquid diet. Rather than eating, you drink a lot of water, herbal tea, fresh juices and broth. By consciously abstaining from unnecessary stimuli, fasting results in a raised awareness of your own needs and sharpens your senses.

"Fasting is an exceptionally ancient, and powerful, approach to healing many common disease conditions. It allows the body to rest, detoxify, and to heal. During fasting the body moves into the same kind of detoxification cycle that it normally enters during sleep. It uses its energy during a fast, not for digesting food, but for cleansing the body of accumulated toxins and healing any parts of it that are ill. As a fast progresses the body consumes everything that it can that is not essential to bodily functioning. This includes bacteria, viruses, fibroid tumors, waste products in the blood, any build up around the joints, and stored fat. The historical record indicates that human beings are evolutionarily designed to fast. It is an incredibly safe approach to healing and the body knows how to do it very well." (Buhner, 2002