A day with Fasting Friends


A typical day with Fasting Friends is outlined below. It is important to emphasise that there are no "musts" and anyone can opt out at any time, skip sections or even start eating solids if they wish to do so. Schedules can also change to suit everybody's needs. The only thing we ask is that you tell us about concerns or worries as soon as possible.



8:00 am

We wake you up with a big mug of warm herbal tea you can enjoy in bed.


8:30 am

We meet for some nice and easy stretches and meditation exercises that you can choose to attend. Afterwards we have enough time to get ready for the day, have some more tea, clean up and pack our hiking bags.


10:00 am

We set off for our hike, which will be around 6-12 miles long with several exit options. On our way we will enjoy one fruit based juice and one vegetable based juice (honey is also available if needed). Most people feel very energetic and enjoy the movement in the fresh air so we do our best to find routes which will cater for all abilities, providing a challenge for some or the option to stop early and go back.


3:00 pm

We get back to our house in the afternoon, enjoy some fresh tea and nibble on some sliced lemons. If the weather is nice we can jump in the pool or do some more yoga or stretching in the afternoon sun.


5:00 pm

We can rest a little and enjoy a warm liver wet pack that stimulates detoxing.


6:00 pm

Time for your evening broth. We reflect on our experience and talk through our plans for the next day. We will also run evening workshops covering a wide range of nutritional advice and hands-on participation such as the benefits of certain herbs and making home-made herbal teas.


7:30 pm

For those who also want to do something for their skin we offer healing earth packs for your face.

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