Our retreats

Our retreats are for 7 nights, Friday to Friday. To gain the most from your experience and to ensure the best for your health we will provide you with detailed dietary advice during the weeks building up to your stay, allowing you to prepare for the experience. On the evening of your arrival (after 5pm) we will start with the purification. We will talk you through the week and have enough time to answer all of your questions and explain the procedure. Five days of fasting will follow and fly by. We will break the fast on the morning of your last full day. Departure will be the following day (before 10am Friday).


Our advice and support does not end there. Once back at home, we will provide you with suggestions of different foods to slowly reintroduce back in to your diet, offering recipe ideas and helping you to develop healthy eating habits. 


*** Upcoming Trip in May 2018 ***

Send us an email to book

your place.

Spaces are limited.


What's included on the retreat

  • 7 nights accommodation in a beautiful country house
  • Guided country walks
  • Transportation during the week (pick-up and drop-off can be arranged for a small cost)
  • Meditation and relaxation sessions
  • Light exercise and stretching sessions
  • Liver detox wraps daily
  • Cleansing facial mud masks daily
  • Comfortable rooms with either en-suite or shared bathroom
  • Full use of the house facilities including outdoor pool, wifi and extensive grounds
  • Freshly prepared fruit and veg juices throughout the day and specialist detox broths for cleansing
  • Caffeine free detox teas, freshly made herbal teas and filtered water
  • Welcome gift hamper

Please consult your doctor before attending one of our retreats. Fasting Friends cannot be held liable

for any indispositions. See our Terms and Conditions for more details.