Relax and detox on our luxury retreats


Allow your body to relax and detox with Fasting Friends. We offer exclusive one week fasting retreats in a beautiful secluded hamlet just outside Bath. Our daily guided hikes will allow you to explore the area, enjoy the fresh air and destress.

*** Upcoming Trip in May 2018 ***

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There are many different methods of fasting and for people around the world, fasting is an inherent part of their religion and culture. Fasting Friends retreats are base upon the methods and findings of Dr. Otto Buchinger and so rather than eating solid food we drink lots of water, herbal tea, fresh juices and broth. Neither will you feel hungry or weak.


Besides the fasting, physical activity is an important part of our retreats. While hiking in the beautiful British woods, fields and coastal areas in and around the Cotswolds, participants enjoy the fresh air and train their legs and lungs.


Our fast hiking packages can help rid the body of toxins that lead to fatigue, IBS, bloating, headaches and skin problems.




Try it and be amazed.


*Fun Fact* The English word "breakfast" means "break the fast" so fasting is actually something people do every night ;)